‘I have been working with Tasmyn now for three months and, unbelievably for me, I have stayed with our programme and I hope to continue the good work for a long time.  I am fast approaching the age of 70 and had, for some time, experienced considerable pain of arthritis throughout my body and quite debilitating digestive problems.  Despite presenting this situation to Tasmyn, she was not in the least fazed and treats me with the utmost respect whilst, at the same time, making me work harder at each session to the point that I am surprised at what I have been able to do and to achieve so far.

Tasmyn has a very positive outlook, she is very encouraging and gives me the confidence to try exercises that I would be nervous to undertake without the best supervision.  She is not only a personal trainer and fitness/nutrition advisor but also, at times, a counsellor, and occasional tears (from me) soon turned to laughter as she encouraged me to try even more challenging exercises.  From the start I have appreciated the attention to good form as I am aware that doing moves incorrectly can cause more harm than good.  Her detailed attention to my specific needs with e.g.  lots of stretching moves has helped to decrease painful arthritic conditions. Our routines, though different and more challenging at each session, have incorporated elements of Yoga poses and Pilates core strengthening.

I can choose to make our sessions purely exercise and stretching or part exercise and part nutrition advice or, as I did choose for one session in sunny August, to sit on the beach at Ladram Bay discussing nutrition, diet and wellbeing – much of what I have put in to place – resulting in better digestion and, weight loss of half stone, even though this was not my main motivation.  Tasmyn’s nutritional advice includes not just what to eat but when to eat different food groups for best performance and most advantageous body/food utilisation.  Her nutritional advice (when I follow it) does improve certain digestive problems.

Overall, I really enjoy working with Tasmyn – her attention to detail in exercise, fitness and nutrition have certainly brought about improvement and wellbeing in my day to day life.  I wish BURNSFITNESS continuing business success towards helping many people achieve a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.
Johanna D, Sidmouth       November 2016′


Here at BURNSFITNESS, we pride our self on providing unique, and specific training for each and every client. Everyone has different needs and different goals, so of course, training has to be adapted to this. It is lovely to read this fantastic testimonial from a client that works extremely hard in every session and always pushes herself out of her comfort zone. It has been great to watch Johanna’s continual development through training and small dietary changes.

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