We all know that when the evenings get darker, and the weather gets colder; it feels a lot harder to stick to your usual diet and exercise routine. Also, with Christmas just around the corner, it’s easy to over indulge on a few too many occasions! Hopefully these hints and tips can help you out during the winter season and festive period!


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  • Classes- Classes can be used as a great motivational tool, especially if you keep telling yourself that you’ll go to the gym after work, then when you get home, you just can’t be bothered. Get yourself booked into a class and you should feel more committed and motivated. You will also get a great workout done every time because you are being instructed by a professional!
  • Morning workouts- Try and change around your workout routine if you are struggling to get motivated during these dark evenings. Working out in the morning means that you don’t have to worry about leaving the house in the evening, if you don’t want too. Or it can just give you more time to enjoy your evenings after being at work all day. Morning workouts are always great as they fill you with energy for the day and also set your body up to be burning fat all day! If your gym doesn’t open early enough, head off for a run/outdoors workout or have a look for an early morning class. We run an Early Morning HIIT Class @ Exmouth RFC, 6:15-6:45am, £4pp. Email, info@burnsfitness.co.uk for more information.


  • Remember what the time is!!- It’s easy to look outside, see its dark, and assume it’s time to put your pyjamas on and curl up in front of the TV, even though it’s only 17:30!!! We’ve all been there, don’t worry! But just remember back to the lighter evenings and how productive you’d be because it was so much lighter. Well, you still have the same amount of time as you did back in those summer evenings, you just sometimes have to ignore the cold, wet and darkness, and make the most of the time you have, it won’t be raining in the gym ;).




  • Meal prep- Having meals prepared is really helpful when you are trying to keep your diet clean whilst having a busy lifestyle. If your meal is there waiting for you when you get back from work/college/gym etc, then you are going to eat it. If there isn’t a healthy option waiting for you, you are more likely to grab some convenience food, usually packed with fats and sugars, which will lead to unhealthy weight gain and could damage to your metabolism.
  • Social gatherings/eating out- By no means do you have to turn down social gatherings or meals out because you are trying to ‘eat clean’. We are all human, and we are trying to make healthy living a lifestyle choice, and NOT a diet! Here are some tips to help you out:

      If you know you are going to be indulging in some treats, try and get a training session done before, this means your energy stores will be depleted, so the food you eat will be processed and used in a far better way than it would otherwise.

    -There is no need to restrict yourself, but also there is no need to go OTT. Have a slice of cake, or a biscuit, but not half the cake or a whole pack of biscuits. Like the old saying goes, everything in moderation.

    -We all have bad days, but don’t let that ruin your whole week! If you do have a bad meal/day, get back on it the next day with some healthy, nutritious meals and a good workout. Don’t always wait for a Monday to come around to get started again!

We hope some of these hints and tips will help to keep you on track! Don’t forget, if you feel like you need some more help or advice, pop us an email on info@burnsfitness, or send us a message via the ‘CONTACT’ page on our website.