Have you been working hard in the gym for some time but are not seeing the changes you expected?

More than likely it’s due to your nutritional choices! 


I’m a firm believer that there are no ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods- everything in moderation! I will show you how much freedom you can have with your diet but still achieve those goals that you have struggled to reach for so long!

Nutrition Consultation – £60

  • 1 hour face to face discussion regarding your nutrition and how we aim to reach your goals.
  • No shakes/pills/diets, just learning the basics of nutrition and the concept of ‘energy in vs energy out’. 
  • Calories and protein targets set specifically for you to hit your goals. 
  • Example daily meal plan is written up with you, taking into account your dietary likes/dislikes and lifestyle (timings etc). 
  • Showing you how to track your nutrition using an app which keeps you accountable on all levels.

Client Spotlight

“I came back from an amazing holiday and looked back on the photos and realised I needed to do something. “…”

“I’m not very self-motivated so looked in PT and found Tasmyn! Two years down the line now and I have never felt more body confident!
It’s not overnight but it has been a great lifestyle change for me! Having someone so supportive and driven like Tasmyn has been exactly what I needed!”

2 Weeks of 1-1 Online Coaching

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