‘Let me help you achieve your physique and fitness goals.’




Online Training From Anywhere!

Track Your Progress and Performance From Your Smartphone


Never seem to have enough time to train?


We all have busy lives so your health and wellness journey should never get in the way or be an inconvenience.

I believe that it should be as easy as possible for anyone, anywhere and anytime to hit their personal, health and fitness goals.

This is why you now have the option to integrate your fitness program with a smartphone app. It’s like having your personal trainer in your pocket!

The advantages are huge because people like you are busy and time is always a major factor when you’re changing your routine and trying to make better choices.

We have two price options to cater to all budgets…please see below for more information. 



-Access to training app and nutrition tracking.

-Personalised training programme designed specifically to your goals, fitness level and training facility (gym or home workouts).

-Personalised calorie and protein target. All food is tracked via the app. Access to nutrition guide with meal ideas included.

-Everything you do is monitored by me!

-You have contact with me throughout for advice, motivation and accountability. I will be checking that you are completing your workouts and tracking your nutrition correctly.

-Weekly check- ins with photos, measurements and/or weight. We discuss how you are progressing, programme/nutrition is then adapted accordingly.

£80/4 weeks


Your Fitness App


No one wants their fitness to suffer due to their busy lifestyles. This is why i’ve introduced a training app. This app makes me, your trainer, accessible from your smartphone and allows you to track your progress wherever you are. This way of training and tracking is fast becoming very popular for those with busy lifestyles.



-Access to training app and nutrition tracking.

-You follow the same 4 week training  programme as others in the group. I have designed this programme specifically for the goal of fat loss. Workouts can be done in the gym or at home.

-Personalised calorie and protein target. All food is tracked via the app. Access to nutrition guide with meal ideas included.

-Access to Group Coaching Facebook page to communicate with me and chat with others that are also following the program. This is great for motivation and accountability!

-Weekly check- ins with photos, measurements and/or weight for your own accountability.

£30/4 weeks

Client Spotlight

“Using Tas’s nutritional programming, I have learnt how to make the correct choices with my food. “…”

“It has opened my eyes completely! One hour with Tas has changed the way I look at
food! No diet, no starving, no shakes! Her knowledge on nutrition and lifestyle change has helped me achieve my goals without feeling hungry or restricted.”

“I have PT once a week with my bestie and absolutely love our sessions with Tas. “…”

“Even if I’m having a terrible week or have zero energy, these sessions make me feel amazing afterwards! I struggled with an eating disorder when I was younger and always had a warped view of how I look. I definitely wasn’t eating the right things of training the right way! I’ve taken a few photos recently and I’m so glad I did because it’s made me realise that although the scales may not be changing much- photos don’t lie! Thank you Tas for giving me some body confidence back!”

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